Warm Pet Gear


Weekly on Thursdays, 12:15
(September thru March)

1st & 3rd Thursdays, 12:15
(April thru August)

*Street West of Marian House*

Most shelters lack the resources to house both the homeless and their pets. When faced with the option for a warm bed, but no shelter for their canine family members, many homeless will choose to brave the cold instead. 

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Winter temperatures affect humans and pets alike. Just like their human counterparts, the pets of the homeless often have to endure harsh, cold temperatures. We work to provide supplies to help them stay warm. 

"The homeless take care of their animals before they take care of themselves. They are their only comfort or link to reality sometimes and, of course, protection if they need it." - Vicki Gramm, Founder

Awareness of this often forgotten canine population is the key to successfully completing our mission to help the pets of the homeless brave severe weather.